Canadian LAV-III TUA Day 1

January 4, 2009

Hello All,

I won’t go into the quality of the kit, since I did a review on Armorama, In-Box Review: LAV III-TUA by Andreas Elesky. All I can say about these kits is wow.

I started working on Real Models LAV-III TUA Conversion RM 35129 for AFV Clubs Stryker. I decided to tackle most of the photo etch first before starting work on the resin.

The first step is to work on the brackets for the Stowage bin that’s mounted on the rear of the hull. I haven’t quite decided yet if I’m actually going to mount it on the vehicle but I thought it’s best to just go ahead and build it. This is also going to be my first serious attempt at soldering the major joints of the photo etch. An excellent reference for soldering photoetch is soldering photoetch by INDY-AMPS. Parts 33 and 24 where put together using the soldering method described at the link above and look good after a little clean up. Part 14 needs to be bent down where it goes underneath the upper bracket. This isn’t clear in the instructions but it makes it a little easier to attach to part 23.

Figure 1 Left Side Right Support Bracket

Figure 2 Right Side of Right Support Bracket


Hello Modelers

January 4, 2009

Hello LAV enthusiats.

    Having access to Real Models excellent conversions for AFV clubs Stryker has inspired me to create blogs for each on of the builds.  Enjoy and please me your comments.


Andy Elesky